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Interview with Navi Keita:I loved Gerard but Iniesta is my 1

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combo tips Thursday evening is, and not just the constantly coming news about Alison`s record transfer to Liverpool, inspires the thousands of Red Red fans at Darwin`s stand at Yaw Park Stadium in Blackburn. The presentation of Nabi Keita in the second half of the match with the local Rover suggests that there is another transfer whose long wait was worth it.
Yes, we are only talking about pre-season control against a rival from the Championship and should be careful with the hasty conclusions. However, early impressions matter. Just minutes after the game, the captain of Guinea took Daniel Sturridge behind Blackburn`s defense with a great diagonal pass. His calmness with the ball, distribution and movement impressed him from-to. The same happened in the match with Borussia (Dortmund).
One year after negotiating an extremely complicated deal with the RB (Leipzig) for the midfielder -;Liverpool finally found out why 23-year-old Nasi`s father called him Deko when he played football on the streets of Conakry, the capital of Guinea. In the eyes of the boy he was, however, Steven Gerrard or Andres Iniesta. Jurgen Klop would have gone mad with happiness if it turned out to have brought a combination of the qualities of these two legends to his team.

After my signing up with Liverpool my father talked a lot to me about how much he loved this club -;shares Keita. -;As a kid we played in the streets with Liverpool T-shirts. Dad loved the team at those times when I was 11-12 years old. Being a midfielder and Steven Gerrard was the boss of the team, I could not be anybody else in the game from archive of combo tips except Steven Gerrard.
My favorite player, however, was Andres Iniesta. Of course, it`s because of his graduating pass, his technique and his qualities. I know he is not known for his aggressiveness, but I added this element to my game. I think he is very much needed when you are a midfielder. I`ve always admired Deko too;fun because my father adored him as a player. She even started calling me with the nickname Deco out of the house.

The influence of Seku Kita on his son does not diminish to this day. Gerard was on Melwood`s base last month to hand over his t-shirt to the legendary No. 8 of Keith, who after nightmare talks and a year`s wait came at last from Leipzig for a sum -transfer record for the club at that time.
I have always liked this number 8 since my childhood, and my dad has played him as a player, so he is even more special to me. Dad was not lucky enough to play professional football but has reached a decent level in an amateur team in Conakry. I am aware of the importance of this number here in Liverpool and I am very excited to wear it. Being Steven`s number, I do not intend to turn him into extra tension on myself. The more important thing is to contribute to this team, not the number of my back.
I did not know that Stephen would be on Melwood, so it was a big shock to me in the positive sense of getting the shirt out of him. He told me that everyone here would support me and help me develop. That`s exactly what I am in Liverpool:learning and growing up as a footballer.
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