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The owner of Marseille:It was a great season

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combo tips Olympiacos (Marseilles) - US billionaire Frank McCarthy is optimistic for the future, despite the Atletico`s 0:3 loss in the Europa League final. McCart thanked the team for the season he played, but preferred to talk about the prospect. `I`m disappointed with the loss of the final, but we have to remember the incredible road we`ve been to the tournament analyzed by partners with combo predictions last night, and I watched this Marseille I wanted to see on the field, and I think we had a greatbut that`s not the end, says the 64-year-old American, quoted by the Team newspaper.

`Getting to the finish is the result of the work of the coaches, the staff and, of course, the players. I want to thank them for their faithfulness. And the fans, the support. `But this is just the beginning, we have enormous ambitions, our long-term goal is to create a team that will be competitive and permanent in the battle for trophies, both in France and European tournaments, ` added the businessman who owns andBaseball Los Angeles Dodgers.

Blog for combo predictions