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Babe and Pogba subordinated Russia

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combo tips France beat 3:1 host at the World Cup this summer Russia with 3:1 in a friendly match via combo predictions at the Krestovski stadium in St. Petersburg. Fedor Smolov and Alexei Miyanchuk started in the Sbornaya attack, and the `cocks` had bet on the assault trio Ousmane Dembele - Kylian Mabe - Antony Marcial. Mbappe definitely had a day and realized two of his hits (40, 83). Paul Pogba (49) also scored a goal for the French, and Fedor Smolov (68) was right for Russia.

In the 15th minute Hugo Loris made an important rescue after a blow by Fedor Smolov. In the 26th minute, Kylian Mabe had a great chance to bring the French back. He got the chance to shoot from the air at a very close distance, but the guard of Zenit Andrei Lunev screamed. Five minutes later, Laurent Cosiesli shot his head straight in Lunev. In the closing minutes of the first part there were interesting moments in front of both doors, mostly in front of the hosts. Eventually, the Couples were able to move forward in the 40th minute, and Mbappe received a good lead from Paul Pogba and played a masterful situation by escaping from the defense of the Russians and with a cold-blooded strike on the ground overcame Lunev - 0:1.

Four minutes after the break, Pogba scored a great goal with a brilliant foul and doubled the lead in the score.

In the 58th minute before Vladimir Granat opened a great chance to return Russia to the match, but the defender shoots inaccurately from a very close distance.

The hosts of the World Cup 2018, however, reached a goal in the 68th minute, and Igor Smolnikov with a long shot found in an excellent position in the penalty area of France Smolov, who broke the defense of the cocks and made a few drops of the net behind Loris. The 83th minute, Mbappe actually put an end to the intrigue with his second goal in the game, and the first one almost broke the Roman Neusshedter`s cross with a series of shots and then shot from a small angle. Guard Lunev intervened quite unconvincingly and let the ball pass through his hands and walk into the door.

By the end of the meeting, something material did not happen and Didier Desan`s team congratulated them with a victory against the players of Stanislav Chercashov. THE COMPOSITIONS AND

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