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Bayern continues on the plan of Heinkes

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combo tips Champion Bayern (Munich) achieved eighth consecutive victory on the way to his next Bundesliga title. This time Bavarians beat Mainz 05 with 2:0 as guests after Franck Ribery and Hamers Rodriguez scored in the first half. At the same time Schalke 04 lost and so the leader already has 18 points ahead. The Munichs were far from their dream game, but they showed enough to ensure success. Thus, the implementation of the plan by Jupp Heynckes, which expressed the desire for his team to save power for decisive battles in the spring, continues. Today he made seven changes in the lineup and in long stages of the match the team was no better than his opponent. In the first half the guests only hit the door twice, but they both hit the goal. Even Mainz 05 created more positions, and after the break, Bayern rightly left the players in red teams to control the game and only waited for the counterattack. This was the case with Thomas Muller, Robert Lewandowski and Ribery, but they missed them. Twice, Sven Ulriah saved Robin Quaisson`s dangerous shots, giving him no chance of surprise. Bayern has already entered a compressed cycle, and next week he is expected to play for the German Cup, and the Champions League clashes are knocking on the door.

For the first time since his return to the champions, Sandro Wagner started as a champion. The Bavarian adolescent, who has himself the best German striker, was in the starting 11 at the expense of Lewandowski.

On the bench there were also holders such as Yoshua Kimih, Arien Robben, David Alabama and Kingsley Commander.

To date, Mainz had only five wins in 20 matches via buy combo predictions and was just above the danger zone, but Werder`s success in Gelsenkirchen took him to the 16th place he sent to the barrage. The team started in attack with the good-looking Yoshinori Muto.

The match was under No. 150 for Jerome Boateng for Bayern in the Bundesliga.

Surprisingly, Juan Bernat brought the first tense of the home defensive in the 9th minute, but his pass did not pass. Bayern`s attacks hit back in the early minutes, and in the 13th Coreten Toliso shot off from a distance and the ball flashed low above the beam. The guests were far from convincing in their game superiority and in the 20th minute Alexandru Maxim fired dangerously but out. Bayern continued to experience problems in organizing attacks but took advantage of a static situation. In the 33rd minute, Ribery sent the ball into the net with a bumpy jump after a corner, this being the first accurate shot of the Munchians in the outline of the door.

Minutes before the break, Thomas Muller came alone against the goalie but failed to double the lead. This, however, did Hamse seconds later when he masterfully mastered his chest and shot Robin Centener with his left foot for 2:0. The second part started in a very different way with the posture position. Only within the first five minutes the Bayern players missed three goals, with the hosts responding with two excellent opportunities, one of Sven Ulriah stretching to keep the net dry. Immediately following the counterattack of the champions, Ribery was alone against the Canton, but was he?

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