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The three Keys of Mchitarain for Arsenal`s success

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combo tips It is expected that Henrih Mhhtaaryan will make his debut for Arsenal on Tuesday night against Swansea and show why the London club via video stream for combo tips insisted on attracting him as part of the deal with sending Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United. French Football Journal presents the three keys with which the Armenian offensive midfielder can open the doors of the gunners again to success.
Capable of playing equally well at all offensive positions and in the midfield, Henrih Mhtitarean is a multivalent weapon and has shown him countless times in the past. The Armenian has always shone with his technique in guiding the game to his teams, whether placed on the left or right. He evolved first in Shakhtar (Donetsk) and then in Borussia (Dortmund) and even in Manchester United, although his performances there were tidal.

A footballer with his techno-tactical profile painfully missed Arsenal in recent years. The London Club a priori was betting to top players like Tio Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Alex Oksley-Chamberlain, but their strength was not in the creation of goals. Only Mesut Iosil was able to play in this role, but even he showed his limitations, as Arsene Wenger often placed it on one of the flanks rather than in his strong zone;center.
With his football intelligence and polyvalence, Mhtitarean will certainly make a big contribution to the team and will allow the Arsenal team to shake off the problems in recent years and return to that open game;joy for the eye, which was celebrated throughout football Europe. Given the excellent technique and speed of the new addition, it can now be predicted that it will not fail to perform well with gunmen.

Remember Borussia (Dortmund), version 2015/16, in which Henrich Mhhtaaryan played together in front with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Very often the Armenian was placed on the right flank and his Gabonian teammate -;on the top of the attack. The two rushes were blessed with the BVB supporters with numerous goals, assists and memorable performances.
Well, now Arsenal can recover this deadly duet if it can finish the purchase of an African shooter by the end of the January transfer window (this may be a matter of hours after Sky Sports announced a deal reached between the two clubs).
Such a move should strike the rivals of the gunmen. In the 2015/16 season, Mhhhhhhtayaran and Aubameyang scored a total of 62 goals (23 for the Armenian and 39 for the Gabonian) and recorded a total of 44 assists (32 and 12 respectively) in all races. That`s why no one can doubt the efficacy of this duo.

For this reason, Arsenal fans are also thundering, as these two plus Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lakazet can form an offensive quartet from a very high level.
In the past few weeks, Arsenal`s footballers have raised the white flag in the face of the overwhelming collective spirit in the dressing room around Alexis Sanchez`s theatricals, which was unmistakable?

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