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A stunning achievement for the Lakers

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combo tips Winning is always a victory, but Los Angeles Lakers` losers against Indiana Pacers will remain in anti-decay history that Luc Walton`s graduates have set. Elle won 99:86 at home but ended the meeting with the weakest success rate of a team`s penalty line in an NBA match - only 14. 3% (2/14).

Damn it! Really? This is crazy. We need to work to improve this aspect of our game, `said Jordan Clarkson, who scored the only two penalties for the Lakers. Five other players were not able to boast with a shot from the line - Julius Randall (0/2), Kyle Kuzma (0/3), Tyler Ennis (0/2), Larry Nans Jr. (0/2)) and Brook Lopez (0/2).

The two penalties scored equaled the club according video stream for combo tips achievement for the least successful shootings in this category.

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