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Unexpected End of Football Discussion in Counter

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combo tips Unexpected for the audience and the audience at the end of the studio was the first 2018 edition of the TV-Contra World Cup discussion discussion on European football. Otherwise, the main focus was on the Philippe Coettinho midfielder from Liverpool in Barcelona, but the purchase of Virginie van Dijk, who has become the most expensive defender in the history of football, was not overlooked. Also, the fate of Zinedine Zidane at the head of Real Madrid seems to be increasingly dependent on the PSG collision, but is there not Gareth Bale`s return to firing up the white ballet again? Did two horses stay in the fight for the Scudetto, given that Inter and Roma have a cut after a shot or an upcoming derby between them might suggest that they still have some chance to catch up with the Parteropes and the Old Lady?

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Blog for combo predictions