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Valverde after Atletico: Spectacle!

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combo tips The derby of the La Liga round between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona ended with a 1-1 draw, with the victorious series of Catalans finally finished, but they still do not know the taste of defeat in the league under the leadership of Ernesto Valverde. The coach of Barca praised his players for the second half when the equalizer hit.

We can only draw positive from this game because we wanted to win. A great performance has taken place. Especially in the second half we had a lot of chances, but we were also more outlawed, said the former Athletic Bilbao coach.

How did Suarez celebrate his hunt? Mother dear Very few players have such a racing spirit as he has. Still, let`s not forget that the attackers live for these moments. I expect to return confidence. Besides, he did an extremely important job for the team as a whole, was Valverde`s comment on Luis Suarez, who brought the point of Blaugranas.

Lionel Messi was tired of the tensions surrounding Argentine matches by contact combo picks and ticket rather than travel. It was obvious that when the ball was in it, something nice would happen, the coach told his other superstar.

He also commented on the inclusion of Gerard Deulofeuf, saying he needed an explosive, risk-taking player and he did his job well.




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