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Valencia`s blast allowed Barca to get away

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combo tips Valencia`s team suffered a 0-1 defeat from Villarreal in a Valencia derby played at Mestayya. Carlos Bakas brought the yellows with a goal in the 24th minute. So the bats failed to break the lead of Barcelona`s lead in Primera and the Catalans will welcome the new 2018 with 9 points ahead of the second Atletico Madrid.

In the sixth minute Sergio Asenho made a hit with Simone Dzza. The ninth Italian golfer missed a great position, standing alone against the goalkeeper, slowing down and letting Victor Ruis knock down. In the 20th, the ball licks the beam after Jopry Kondogbia`s jump. After losing a few positions, the guests from Villarreal took advantage of their first good opportunity. In the 24th Carlos Bakas escaped from the defense and mattered Net. There were doubts about ambush, but rather the striker was in a regular position. At 42, the side judge lifted the ambush flag and did not take Valencia`s goal. In the 44th, the hosts claimed a penalty after playing Manu Trigeros`s hand. The second part began with a new rescue of Assenho in the 47th minute. In the 59th, the bats defeated a new situation after neither Dzuzza nor Pereira managed to shoot naked. A couple of seconds later, Dzza was kicked off with a second yellow card for a sharp hit at Cedric Bakamby`s feet. In the 83rd and the yellow left with a man less than when Trigeros stopped Gonzalo Guesesh illegally. In the 89th after Dennis Cherishev`s shot, the ball licked the beam. In the 95th goalkeeper Neto could sensationally become a hero with an equalizing goal but was shot over the beam.



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