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Luck this time smiled at Stuttgart

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combo tips The Bundesliga player in Stuttgart has been staunch since the start of the season.The Swabians scored a valuable victory over Cologne by 2: 1 and for the first time in the current campaign they scored more than one goal.The defeat left the `goats` on the bottom with only 1 point, and the participation of the team in the Europa League will make it even more difficult for him to save himself from falling.

The victorious hit for Stuttgart fell in the fourth minute of the added time and waswork of the Shadrak Akolo reserve.This was a compensation for the team of Hannis Wolf, who in the last round lost his visit to Eintracht (Frankfurt) with the same result according video stream for combo tips again with a goal in the last minute. The beginning was better for Cologne, but Yuya Osako missed a shot from the right.The Japanese made another serious pass before the break and that was fatal.The goalie keeper Timo Horn showed a great class in the middle of the half-time when he dropped a leg shooter close.He was, however, helpless with Anastasios Donis`s breakthrough in the 38th minute with a goal for Stuttgart.

In the 77th minute, Dominique Heinz shot a rebound in the far corner and leveled.`The Goats` would have been happy at the point, but at the very end of the match, Akolo fought in the penalty area and with a great deal of chance managed to overtake Horn, bringing the third success of the `Swabians.`




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