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The company praised the great teacher, Pep Guardiola

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combo tips Manchester City captain Vansan Compani believes manager Josep Guardiola has helped players believe in themselves, which is the basis for the club`s progress. Guardiola took over City in 2016 and led the team to third place in the Premier League last season, but ended the campaign without trophies.

In the second season under his leadership `the citizens` still have no losses and are the sole leader in the 8 points in front of United. `He is a great teacher, and I have to be honest because he has made me realize how important it is for managers to be real teachers, regardless of the level of the player, ` said Sky Sports Company. `Sometimes it`s taken for granted that the big pros know all they have to do, but in fact it`s the opposite. ` Although super cautious, I see progress in the team, but until we win trophies, it will not beI do not think we are as weak as last season but we understand what he wants a bit better If you enter the dressing room you will feel that everything is calm and focused We all have been feeling how to win nothing and notI want this to happen again, `he added.

Blog for combo predictions