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Combo tipster Bettman on Boston`s signing of Miller, who abused disabled black man: He has no right to play in NHL

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combo tips Gary Bettman has spoken out about Boston being with Mitchell Miller.

The NHL commissioner said the Bruins did not consult with the league prediction by buy combo predictions before signing the player. He also said Miller is not eligible to play in the NHL.

In 2020, Arizona on a hockey player because he mocked a black disabled person. In 2016, then 14-year-old Miller admitted in court that he bullied his disabled black classmate Isaiah Meyer-Crothers. According to the latter, the former Coyotes prospect teased him with a nigga and a candy bar, and also hit him repeatedly. Miller was sentenced to 25 hours of community service.

Boston sent the player to the AHL.

What I know and what I have heard from the media is that what he did as a 14-year-old is reprehensible and unacceptable.

We were not consulted before the Bruins decided to sign him. I had a chance to chat with Cam Neely after the signing.

He will not come to the NHL; at the moment he is not eligible to play in the NHL. I can`t tell you he`ll ever make it to the NHL.

If at some point they decide they want him to play in the NHL, and I`m not sure they`re close to that, we`ll need to confirm his eligibility. It will be based on all the information we receive.

They could sign him to play somewhere else, that`s another league`s problem, but no one should think he currently has or could ever become eligible to play in the NHL. And the Bruins now understand this, " said the NHL commissioner.

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