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The maestro and the giants

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combo tips The great athletes do not conceal their respect, and yet another demonstration of this fact came to the Chinese Megapolis of Shanghai.There, Golden State Warriors played one of their pre-season matches against Minnesota Timberwolves, and before the start of the game analyzed by video stream for combo tips they received a surprising but at the same time a pleasant visit by Roger Federer.

The winner of 19 Grand Slam titlesfilmed with the entire team of champions who watched some of the Maestro`s best performances on the video in the dressing room.

Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the other stars from the championship did not hide their joy at the 36-year-old live legend, and it was obvious that the Swiss icon was enjoying moments alongside some of the world`s best basketball players.

Also, the 185-cm Swiss met the Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming, not forgetting to seal the moment with a photo.Federer uploaded a collage of basketball ball to his head on his head and wrote jokingly that he was as high as the 229-cm tower.

Blog for combo predictions