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Hitzelsperser: It was a great victory for me to admit that I was gay

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combo tips In 2014, Germany`s former football national Thomas Hitstelsperser revealed he was gay. It was a shock for many, but the champion with Stuttgart reported that his action was right then. `For those 4 years things have changed a lot, ` he commented. - I can already marry or adopt a child, which is a serious success. Gays are no longer considered as a different group, but those who mock them. HitlerSperger confessed that at the time his managers advised him not to reveal his true sexual orientation, but he did. Over time, however, I had gained the necessary confidence to make such important decisions myself, and that was a great victory for me, said the former Aston Villa player.

Hitzelsperser had an 8-year relationship with a woman - Inga, but a month before her wedding in 2007 she left her. In his words, he realized he was gay only in the last few years before 2014.

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