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Combo tips Lewandowski on tears after first World Cup goal: Childhood dreams come trueI get more emotional with age.

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combo tips Robert Lewandowski shared his emotions after the 2022 World Cup match analyzed by partners with combo predictions with Saudi Arabia (2:0).

Forward of the Polish national team scored for the first time at the World Cup and cried after the goal.

As I get older, I get more emotional. Already during the performance of the anthem, I felt that [emotions] are with me today. It is difficult to answer why this was so, but it happened so. Released after the goal. Children`s dreams were fulfilled.

Assists made me happy, but for attackers they are not so important. I understand that the benefit of the Polish national team is the most important thing, but in the depths of my mind. . . I would like to tell you one day that I not only visited two world championships, but also marked the statistics on our website.

Moreover, I understand that this may be my last world championship. This goal was my dream, " said the 34-year-old Barcelona striker.

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