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Combo prediction FIA president bin Sulayem: F-1 would have become wrestling without proper control

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combo tips Mohammed bin Sulayem spoke about the key role of the FIA in Formula 1.

Ben Sulayem has been President of the Federation for a year and during this time he realized how difficult it is to control the compliance of F-1 teams with the rules.

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. Teams work to the limit, and there are always contradictions. So this is a challenge. Every hour is a challenge.

The situation is healthy, everything is going very well. The FIA is trying to be careful. There are monetary issues, but there must be proper control. It is impossible to live without rules, without their clarification, updating. What would have happened in the end - wrestling? Like in the WWF (now WWE, wrestling promotion - ), where there is no control? No, control is needed.

I knew that adapting the FIA to the new era would be a big challenge. It`s like a phone - if you don`t update it, you`ll be left behind. Teams and technologies move forward, and we must not only keep up with them, but also be ahead of them.

The FIA inherited some problems with regulations and finances. And it is impossible to make decisions without a deep study of the facts. This year has been a challenge - and I`m not talking about Formula 1, but about the FIA in general.

The FIA is a complex organization. For example, in football one goal size, one ball size. Imagine the regulations in karting, imagine all the disciplines under the auspices of the FIA - rally and all the rest. Every day is a challenge, but a pleasant challenge, " bin Sulayem said.

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