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Klop: Oxley-Chamberlain will be a key player for Liverpool

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combo tips Liverpool midfielder Alex Oksley-Chamberlain is well versed in the team`s style of play and has the potential to become a key figure. That`s what Jerseys manager Jurgen Klop said. Oklahda-Chamberlain had a few difficult games predicted by video stream for combo tips at the start of his Anfield season, but in the last few weeks he showed more consistency, and on Saturday scored the third goal for Liverpool`s 4-1 win over West Ham.

`He had to get used to our intensity because he has not been in such a situation so far, not saying that Arsenal was not supposed to work so fast, but we are very much concerned with the vigorous press and the immediate switching of the counterattack, ` said Klopto the former ball player.

`Many players say, ` Yes, yes, yes, but I want. . `as he comes and says, ` What do you want me to do? `He will become a very important player for us, ` added the German mentor.

Liverpool is now ranked fifth in the Premier League with 19 points.

Blog for combo predictions