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Combo tipster Brooklyn Suspends Kyrie Irving for Promoting Anti-Semitic Film and Failing to Apologize

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combo tips Brooklyn has released a statement saying defenseman Kyrie Irving has been suspended for at least 5 games.

Over the past few days, we have made repeated attempts to reach out to Kyrie Irving to help him understand how harmful and dangerous his words and actions are, starting with his posting a link to a film that demonstrates hatred of Jews. We are convinced that in this difficult situation it was right to explain why he did wrong. And it seemed to us that together we managed to come to an understanding of the need to eradicate hatred and intolerance.

Today we were disappointed that, given the opportunity to speak to reporters, Kairi did not directly state that he did not have anti-Semitic prejudices, nor did he admit that this film promotes hatred of Jews. This was not the first time he had such an opportunity, but he did not use it again.

The reluctance to speak out against anti-Semitism is of great concern to us, as it goes against the values of our club prediction by contact combo picks and ticket and harms our team. Accordingly, we believe that at the moment he cannot be associated with Brooklyn. We have made the decision that Kairi will be suspended with a paycheck until he takes a series of actions to undo the harm he has caused. This suspension will last at least 5 matches, the Nets said in a statement.

Today, answering questions from reporters, Irving said: I did not mean to cause any harm. I didn`t make this documentary. I can`t be an anti-Semite knowing where I come from. I don`t understand how this label came about because you keep asking me the same questions. I already said what I think. I respect all walks of life.

Earlier, Irving and Brooklyn agreed to donate $500, 000 to educational programs after a basketball player`s post with a reference to the film From Jews to Blacks: Wake Up Black America, which contains anti-Semitic cliches.

Irving posted on social media last week on Thursday. The post drew backlash, but Kyrie didn`t delete it at first, claiming he didn`t consider his actions to be promoting the film.
Brooklyn Suspends Kyrie Irving for Promoting Anti-Semitic Film and Failing to Apologize Combo tipster - more details and information: Combo tipster

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