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Combo tips Modric discusses title, Ramos, Hazard, Benzema, Cristiano, Zidane and his future

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combo tips Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric gave a long interview to Sportske novosti, in which he spoke on various topics. We present you the most interesting of them.

About the La Liga title

I`m just happy and satisfied with my second Spanish title. I already have 16 trophies with Real, 4 of which are in the Champions League, but this title in La Liga made me especially happy. Maybe because it`s only the second in eight years. We definitely had to have more titles in the country, because we lost several of them in a very clumsy way. But what happened - happened, one must enjoy the present.

For Sergio Ramos

What can I say about him! ? My brother Sergio is a phenomenon! And I`m not saying that because in eight years we`ve built such a special relationship that we communicate as a family or that we go on vacation together. Nor because we had fantastic football experiences and successes together. Ramos is a 34-year-old rock, competitive at the top level. When you watch him work on himself, you realize how dedicated he is and how hungry he is for success. Team leader and the best defender in the world. His career says it all about what class he is in.

For One Hazard

He is a great player! I enjoyed watching him at Chelsea. In fact, since arriving, he has had no luck with his injuries. I myself went through this stage of high expectations and adaptation, so I told him that he just had to be patient. His class is too big, we really need his knowledge, but it is crucial that he is in shape. If he`s ready for Manchester City, great. If not, the most important thing is to be completely healthy for the start of the new season in September.

About Karim Benzema

Karim is a great striker who is a pleasure to play with. His understanding of the game, his movement, the way he upsets the balance of the opponent`s defense, are special. Benzema has always done a great job for the team and I am glad that he is currently receiving a lot of applause and great pleasure for the recognition of his class.

For Cristiano Ronaldo

There is no need to discuss how important Cristiano was for Real. But I must say that we were not burdened by the fact that we would not be able to have the same ambitions because of his absence. We were convinced that we would continue to win without him, because, no matter the strength of the individual, the team is always above all and the greatest strength.

About Zinedine Zidane

Zidane once again showed that he is a great person. Gives calm and is very correct in its proximity to the player. There are always those who do not play as much as they want. They are not happy and that matters. But the coach`s focus has helped everyone feel part of the team and accept their situation. In this locker room everyone is a good person, no one creates problems for personal reasons, no rotten apples.

For the end of his career at Real Madrid

Who wouldn`t want it? But it remains to be seen if the club predicted by livescore for combo picks wants it. Real is my home, but Real decides what is best for the club. I know midfielders and strikers rarely stay here until they are 35 years old. I succeeded, and that was not a given. I deserved it with my work and behavior. If Real decides I`m not the same anymore, I`m ready for it Combo tips - more details and information: Combo tips

Blog for combo predictions