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Combo predictions Boban: There`s no way in six months or a year to revive Berlusconi`s Milan

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combo tips Milan director Zvonimir Boban has expressed resentment at today`s loss of 0:5 as a guest of Atalanta, but is adamant that this does not mean that all work in the club analyzed by archive of combo tips in recent months should be thrown away.

We should not throw everything over so far. However, our performance today was very bad and shameful, it cannot be Milan. Before this game, we played differently and hoped to continue with that. We need to think very carefully about the situation, react and show character. It is difficult to talk about individuals after today`s match. The whole team didn`t play well from start to finish. We couldn`t prevent it from happening because the opponent was better in every way. It`s not about a single player.

The transfer window? We will try to do our best in the circumstances. In 1998 we also lost 0:5 to Roma, so things like that happen, it`s a sport. We need to reflect on what we have done in the last two months and not throw everything away. Strong response from everyone is required. Losses always hurt, we would like to become competitive immediately. We know that for the time being we cannot be like that. It takes a little time, we have to make sure it is as short as possible. There is no way in 6 months or a year to revive Milan at Berlusconi. This loss was a hard blow for us. We need to wake up and react. We will not rest much, this Christmas will not be pleasant for us. Stefano Pioli? We are very pleased with him and his way of working, there is no doubt about it, said Boban after the match.

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