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Combo tip `Kitchen` stories: how Klop found his shogun

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combo tips If Jurgen Klop couldn`t hide his wider than usual smile at Wednesday`s practice, it wasn`t just because of his satisfaction with the elimination stages of the Champions League with first place in his group. One by one, the leading figures among the players in his line-up flocked to him with the proposal to pay closer attention to one particular player who had caused them an awful lot of problems with RB Salzburg the night before and in the first Anfield game.
The Liverpool manager, of course, knew something that people like Captain Jordan Henderson and defense leader Virgil van Dyke didn`t know. The object of their admiration - Takumi Minamino - was already part of his squad. At least in principle.

For more than six weeks now, the club`s athletic director Michael Edwards has been friendly and smooth with his colleague in Salzburg - Christoph Freind. On Thursday, Freund himself confirmed to the media that it was clear that the deal was almost completed, leaving only medical examinations.
Yet this is only one part of the story. The conversations in the last two months are simply the culmination and the end of a lengthy process that has helped Liverpool host one of the most exciting players in the world of yellow pennies.
Edwards and his recruiting headquarters, including a high-tech analytics department, had actually been following Minamino since 2013 before leaving Japan`s Serezo Osaka (a teammate with Diego Forlan) in Salzburg. During this long scouting process, the sports director and his staff maintained a detailed study of the Japanese - in person at matches and with a wide range of statistics. In the last two seasons, they have seen a huge jump in his development in Austria: both physically and tactically and in terms of performance. In fact, most Premier League clubs analyzed by partners with combo predictions consider the player a more mouthwatering bite in Salzburg than the other star of the team - Erling Holland.

This is well illustrated in Minamino`s two clashes with Liverpool this season, especially Anfield, where he was a player of the match, as well as his appearance in the 2018 Europa League semifinals and the selection of national team selection HajimeMoriyasu built his entire system around the 24-year offensive talent.
The key is that Michael Edwards has established a relationship not only with Christoph Freund in Salzburg, but also with the entire Red Bull organization after the complex and yet friendly negotiations with RB Leipzig over the Nabi Keith deal. This allowed Edwards headquarters to find invaluable information that rivals for the signings of his transfer target did not have - that when exercising by the Austrian club the option of unilaterally renewing Minamino`s contract until June 2021 (in February) wasa clause with a penalty of termination of only 7, 25 million pounds was put.
Manchester United, Milan and the leader of the Bundesliga Borussia (Monchengladbach) were also actively following in the footsteps of the Japanese, but had no idea of a clause that put such a staggeringly low price on his racing rights.
This is a super-bargain for Liverpool considering the fact that foot Combo tip - more details and information: Combo tip

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