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Combo picks Klop: Liverpool are preparing for the big game, but the season doesn`t end on Sunday

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combo tips The English Championship season does not end on Sunday, according to manager Jurgen Klop before the Liverpool Super League clash against last year`s Manchester City champion. The German, however, stressed that victory was very important for the Reds, but he himself could not come up with a forecast of what might happen on Sunday. Asked if for his team this is a match he shouldn`t lose at any cost, Klop replied: `I`m sorry, but there are probably smarter people than me who see the match that way. I personally definitely don`t thinkyes, for me this is a match we must win, and yet i do not fully understand the u0026 obligatory things, because defining them as such does not at all help the chances of this happening. We are preparing for a big match. we have to do it - be brave, play football, defend ourselves as if our lives depend on itwhat`s happening outside and around the team doesn`t have much effect on us, they just don`t have it. For this long week, the whole world must be saying that we should not lose this match. I may have heard somewhere that we can`t win, butI don`t really care. We really want a win, and it`s hard to come by. After the meeting, we`ll see what the situation is and what we can get out of it. If it`s better or worse than the current one, then this one. The season won`t end on Sunday anyway. However, we are well aware that this fight is huge. The whole world will watch. I will definitely watch it, as will everyone I know, and that makes it very big. I`m really looking forward to it, but I don`t pay much attention to the discussions before it. `

Liverpool suffered their only defeat last season against City, which proved to be key to the final standings and second place for the Merseyside. They lost by1:2 away in January, and in the fall they split the points with the champions of Anfield after zero draw.

`In the last two years we have built a mutual respect with City. Not that I didn`t respect that team or Pep Guardiola before, on the contrary. Last year, however, I saw the biggest recognition I or my team have personally received, because in our household City plays differently from the one they are used to. This is the truth. In football this is the case and all coaches need to have a plan for the next game, not to mention a clash between two of the best teams in the world, if not the best overall. I love this part of the game analyzed by combo predictions - to think about the work we can do and the work we must do. On Sunday we hosted, but last year we were not far away and more than guests. Remember - 11 millimeters. With them another equality would be obtained and it would be more logical. These derbies are just too contested. Want to tell you how it will end? I have no idea, `added the German.

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