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Combo prediction Klop: Looks like Manchester United is the only team that wants to play with us right now

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combo tips Liverpool manager Jurgen Klop jokes that Manchester United is the only team that currently wants to tackle the Merseyside. The German said this in response to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer`s statement earlier today that Liverpool was the perfect rival for the Red Devils at the moment.

`They say we are the perfect opponent they can have at the moment. I don`t think there are many teams that want to play against us now. It looks like Manchester United is the only one. How much do I like these games? `This is soup salt. I would have preferred to cook for this match all week, but it couldn`t be done because of the national teams. But for both teams it is the same. I love these matches, ` said the German. Asked if he could advise his colleague, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Klop replied: `I have no idea what his situation is. It doesn`t matter what you write. What matters is what the board says. I don`t have an opinion. I wish every manager had enoughAfter my first 29 games via livescore for combo picks here, there was no consensus that I was 100% the right person for Liverpool. `

Blog for combo predictions