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Football tipster Barca will still look for magic money for Garrisman`s transfer

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combo tips Heavy Tuesday was the one for the people behind Antoine Griezmann`s La decision, which last summer showed every aspect of his life in his possible leaving at Atletico Madrid and culminated in the announcement that nothing really changed.
The production team then brought to light almost every detail of the elite footballer`s lifestyle:huge houses, huge TVs, tattoo house services, video game addiction;it is only without the dramatic ending. Just imagine how they felt when this week a clip appeared on the Athletes official website, showing Grossman somewhat dazed, as if forcibly taken out of bed by warring Hermann Burgos at night.
Without a smeared footage with his head in a hood, without a dwarf shot of his huge garden, but what a turn of the story! He announced he was leaving Atletico, although for reasons that will be clarified later, he can not say where he will go. Maybe in the Witness Protection Program, given his startling look and the fact that Burgos, the coach of Diego Simeone, almost certainly knows where the Frenchman lives.

Of course, all signs point to Barcelona, u200bu200bwhich together with Real Madrid are associated with any newcomer or a disappointed superstar across Europe.
Grossman has a redemption clause of around 120 million euros in his latest contract with Atletico, which comes into force on July 1. He says he is 28 years old to leave the club, 32% of which is owned by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer. Where, however?
Barcelona, u200bu200bfor its part, kept a silent silence as the financial status of the Catalan club was similar to that of Real Madrid;lack of the necessary financial resources to carry out a transfer of such magnitude without cutting the budget in another part.
Intermediate accounting results for the first half of the season are awaiting, but full accounts will have to be shown to the club`s general assembly in September, when members will have the opportunity to question President Josep BARTOMEU on financial matters.
This month he can seal the second straight home double blagranas in a victory over Valencia in the final advised by buy combo predictions of the King`s Cup on May 25th. The Champions League title in La Liga is the eighth for 11 seasons. The hanging question is how to meet the wage bill at the end of June. The club pays its players twice per year, with a total of EUR 633 million distributed in two installments at the end of January and the end of June. Last season, the management opened a 140 million-euro credit line with a New York-based lender to cover this account and could do it again this summer.

Even if they do, however, the people in the government have to wait until July 1 and hope that they will be able to sell at least one expensive asset by then;perhaps Philippe Kouttinho or Ousmane Dembele, to finance the repairs of his staff. The most important part of the Grozman talks would be to persuade Atletico to accept payment of his ransom clause in tranches. If the leaders of the metropolitans do not agree, the Catalans will face a big problem. Probl

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