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Cologne surprised everyone in Germany

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combo tips Cologne, who has not had a single win in the Bundesliga or the Europa League since the start of the season, surprised everyone with a clear 3: 1 triumph over Hertha (Berlin) as a guest in a match analyzed by combo predictions in the second round of the German Cup. Peter Skegger`s footballers were silencing the capital with two quick goals in the last ten minutes of the first part, and in the middle of the second, their lead came to 3: 0. Separately, the goats hit a beam, and Hertha only managed to reduce in the 69th minute.

In the other clash between elite rivals Wolfsburg beat the 1: 0 over Hanover 96 with Felix Uduokay four minutes after the break.

Unfortunatelly started the Stuttgart visit to Kaiserslautern after an early hit for the hosts in the 7th minute, but the Swedes gradually overcame and guaranteed a place in the next round after three goals for the final 3: 1 in their favor.

In the last of the first four matches for the day, Nuremberg had a 3-2 win over Osnabruck.



1: 0 Udoukay (49)

(1) 2: 3 (2) 3: 1 (3) 1: 2 (2)2 Lebold (51)
2: 2 Gross (63)
2: 3 Valentines (72)

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